Holosun 512c Cover

Holosun 512c Covers - High Impact PolyStyrene and Carbon Fiber

SWAT Optics
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Holosun 512c Covers

Holosun 512c Cover


Made by SWAT Optics and Made in the USA the Covers we Make for the Holosun 512c Simply Slip-on and Off and are Durable and Robust. Our covers do not fall off when flipped upside-down and will help protect the glass from impacts, scratches, dust, and dirt. 








Note: Cover is Made in the USA by SWAT Optics and does not have a warranty. The cover made by SWAT Optics is not guaranteed in any way and may not protect your optic in all situations. Covers made by SWAT Optics do not have a warranty and are not approved or affiliated by Holosun.