Holosun 512c Cover
Holosun 512c Cover
Holosun 512c
Holosun 512c Cover
Holosun 512c Cover

Holosun 512c Cover - New Duraflex Series

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Holosun 510c Cover 

Made in the USA by SWAT Optics

New Duraflex Series 



Duraflex Series

Our new Holosun 512c cover is a major advancement in technology. These covers are incredibly tough and extremely flexible. These covers are not designed for extreme impacts, but are smooth, shiny, rigid and yet pliable. Our new advancement in covers provides protection for your optics, without the hard shell found on the carbon fiber - polycarbonate covers. Our new Holosun 512c covers and major advancement.

Disclaimer: These covers are not designed to be completely flexible so they add some added rigidity to the body of the optic. Please do not drive over the cover with your 2500 pickup truck and notify us it failed. If squeezed or crushed the cover could fail. These are protective covers and are extremely durable when the optic is inside of them.  These covers made by SWAT Optics are also not bulletproof and will not protect your optic is submerged underwater. Some covers may have slight imperfections.