Holosun 507c Cover - Polycarbonate and Carbon Fiber

Holosun 507c Cover - Polycarbonate and Carbon Fiber

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Holosun 507c Cover



Made in the USA by SWAT Optics 

Material: Polycarbonate and Carbon Fiber

Polycarbonate has more than four times the impact resistance of fiberglass, exhibiting tensile strength of 900 pounds per square inch, compared to fiberglass's 220 pounds per square inch. While stainless steel is strong, it dents on impact. Polycarbonate has a greater capability for resisting deformation from impact.

Important Note: These are protective covers and some visible imperfections may be seen, however, it's a protective cover for your Holosun 507c. 

The 507c Holosun is an amazing optic, however, anyone that owns one will tell you is also a dust magnet. Our dust covers are extremely strong and are made out of Polycarbonate and Carbon Fiber. Our 507c covers are extremely strong and can help to protect the optics in numerous scenarios. Whether you are throwing your weapon in the back of a pickup, in a bugout bag or banging it around, you want to protect this expensive optic and especially the glass.


Frequently Asked Questions:

(Question #1) Will the covers made for the Holosun by SWAT Optics fall off when the weapon is flipped upside down or against gravity? 

Answer #1: No


(Question #2) How are the dust covers applied? 

Answer #2: Place it on the optics and gently push down.


(Question #3) How is the cover removed? 

Answer #3: Pull up and off


(Question #4) What are the protective dust covers made out of?

Answer #4: Polycarbonate and Carbon Fiber


(Question #5) Do they protect the optic from water?

Answer #5: No, the protective dust covers may provide limited protection from water such as rain landing directly on top of the optic, however, there is no seal so water can enter in any gaps between the Holosun cover and the optic. The cover will not protect the optic if it is submerged in water. 


(Question #6) Where are these Holosun covers made?

Answer #6: The covers are designed and manufactured by SWAT Optics and are Made in the USA


Holosun 507c Covers

Note: Cover is Made in the USA by SWAT Optics and does not have a warranty. The cover made by SWAT Optics is not guaranteed in any way and may not protect your optic in all situations. Covers made by SWAT Optics do not have a warranty and are not approved or affiliated by Holosun.